Organic cultivation of seasonal herbs

Organic farming is a step in the right direction in many aspects. Among other things, it brings about a quality improvement in our products because this cultivation method comes with some healthy benefits. The plants have to struggle for nutrients and survival in a completely different way compared to conventional farming. They grow more slowly and, as a result, have higher levels of dry matter and essential oils in the plant. This gives our herbs a richer taste and a more vibrant color.
So yes, we are quite proud of our products and hope that they both surprise and exceed your expectations when you serve them to your guests, family, and friends.

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We have developed a new unique organic cultivation method that results in far more durable herbs than what is available in the rest of the market. This increases shelf life and thus reduces food waste. When you hold the product in your hand, you should know that nothing is left to chance.

Everything you see is carefully planned (with respect for the natural development method) to provide you with the highest quality on all parameters. We comply with all national and international regulations for organic production.

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The unique organic cultivation method we are employing, results in significantly more durable herbs with a somewhat higher dry-matter content and essential oil content. This provides our herbs with a much richer flavour and a more vibrant color.